Descendants Jan Renkers

Generation 8

62. Rijk Hoefsloot (Geertruida Renkers25, Aart Hendrik14, Henricus11, Ariën8, Henricus5, Daniel Janssen2, Jan1) born June 14th 1892 in Hoogland (birth-certificate); died March 5th 1979 in Oud en Nieuw Gastel; profession: dienstgeleider D B (ass). He married Anna Maria Bogaert October 21st 1920 in Kruiningen (certificate 33), born November 3rd 1901 in Kruiningen, daughter of Ludovicus Bogaert and Paulina Eggermont.

Children of Rijk Hoefsloot and Anna Bogaert are:

  1. Geertruida Paulina126 Hoefsloot (Geertje), born August 13th 1921 in Oud en Nieuw Gastel.
  2. Paulina Geertruida127 Hoefsloot, born October 31st 1922 in Oud en Nieuw Gastel. She married H M A van Meer January 15th 1952.
  3. Margaretha Maria128 Hoefsloot, born April 4th 1926 in Oud en Nieuw Gastel.
  4. Ludovicus Gerrit129 Hoefsloot, born February 7th 1930 in Oud en Nieuw Gastel; died December 26th 1985 in Belgium. He married Catharina Elisabeth Maria Zopfi August 31st 1955 in Fijnaart.
  5. Helena Geertruida Maria130 Hoefsloot, born August 5th 1936 in Oud en Nieuw Gastel.
  6. Anna Maria Paulina131 Hoefsloot, born January 21st 1942 in Oud en Nieuw Gastel.

65. Heiltje Hoefsloot (Geertruida Renkers25, Aart Hendrik14, Henricus11, Ariën8, Henricus5, Daniel Janssen2, Jan1) born April 10th 1896 in Hoogland (birth-certificate), died July 4th 1947 in Hilversum. She married Gijsbertus Sluijs August 11th 1920 in Hoogland (certificate 25), born June 13th 1896 in Benschop, died August 30th 1963 in Aalsmeer; profession: electrician / chief-mechanic P.E.N. / technical supervisor PEN; son of Johannes Sluijs and Adriana van Schaik.

Child of Heiltje Hoefsloot and Gijsbertus Sluijs is:

  1. Johannes132 Sluijs, born March 21st 1921 in Ouderamstel; died February 10th 2001 in Purmerend.

66. Antje Hoefsloot (Geertruida Renkers25, Aart Hendrik14, Henricus11, Ariën8, Henricus5, Daniel Janssen2, Jan1) was born May 5th 1902 in Hoogland (birth-certificate); died October 19th 1971 in Amersfoort, burial October 23rd 1971 in Hooglanderveen (In Memoriam Card). She married Wilhelmus Kleinveld February 2nd 1927 in Hoogland (certificate 2), son of Cornelis Kleinveld and Cornelia Schoonderbeek. He was born May 22nd 1896 in Hoevelaken, died May 26th 1969 in Hooglanderveen (In Memoriam Card); profession: agricultural labourer.

Children of Antje Hoefsloot and Wilhelmus Kleinveld are:

  1. Cornelia Geertruida133 Kleinveld, born December 10th 1927 in Hoogland. She married J J Bokkers January 7th 1953.
  2. Geertruida Cornelia134 Kleinveld, born October 6th 1929 in Hoogland. She married G H Horst November 9th 1954.
  3. Christina Margaretha135 Kleinveld, born December 31st 1930 in Hoogland. She married A Emond May 1st 1957.
  4. Helena Anna136 Kleinveld, born April 20th 1932 in Hoogland. She married G A van Wee October 29th 1957.
  5. Margaretha Gerarda137 Kleinveld, born March 28th 1934 in Hoogland.
  6. Cornelis Gerrit138 Kleinveld (Cor), born March 10th 1937 in Hoogland. He married G E van Drie December 11th 1963 in Amersfoort.
  7. Gerardus Cornelis139 Kleinveld, born September 9th 1939 in Hoogland.

69. Margaretha Renkers (Joannes26, Aart Hendrik14, Henricus11, Ariën8, Henricus5, Daniel Janssen2, Jan1) born March 27th 1900 in Stoutenburg, died October 12th 1992 in Leusden and was buried in Achterveld. She married Rijk Schoonderbeek January 8th 1925 in Leusden, son of Rijk Schoonderbeek and Teunisje Houtveen. Rijk Schoonderbeek was born October 22nd 1897 in Leusden (certificate 49) and died January 9th 1993 in Leusden and was buried in Leusden; profession: chauffeur, farmer, warehouse chief.

Children of Margaretha Renkers and Rijk Schoonderbeek are:

  1. Richardus Johannes141 Schoonderbeek, born November 23rd 1925 in Leusden, christening November 23rd 1925 in Hamersveld; died January 6th 1926 in Leusden.
  2. Antonia Hendrika142 Schoonderbeek, born November 21st 1926 in Leusden; died April 21st 2015 in Achterveld, burial April 25th 2015 in Achterveld.
  3. Richardus Johannes143 Schoonderbeek, born October 16th 1927 in Leusden; died March 28th 2013 in Leusden, burial April 4th 2013 in Leusden.
  4. Hendrika Wilhelmina144 Schoonderbeek, born January 21st 1930 in Leusden, christening January 21st 1930 in Achterveld; died February 1st 1976 in Arnhem; profession: shopgirl, repairer of stockings. She married Gerrit Jan Kasteel September 9th 1959 in Leusden, born August 9th 1920 in Arnhem.
  5. Lifeless child145 Schoonderbeek, born March 28th 1931 in Leusden; died March 28th 1931 in Leusden (certificate 12).
  6. Lifeless child146 Schoonderbeek, born March 13th 1933 in Leusden; died March 13th 1933 in Leusden (certificate 8, March 14th 1933 Leusden).

71. Johannes Gerardus Renkers (John) (Hendrik27, Aart Hendrik14, Henricus11, Ariën8, Henricus5, Daniel Janssen2, Jan1) born Februari 22nd 1912, died August 29th 1995 in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. Profession: carpenter / artistic painter (picture) / (picture as a child). He married (1) Simone D'Aoust, born March 19th 1926 in Lansing, Michigan (USA), daughter of Ovila Amedee D'Aoust and Adrienne Benoit. Simone on her 75th birthday. John and Simone divorced in 1965. Simone was chamber maid during the Second World War when the Royal Dutch Family resided in Ottawa: Simone with Princess Irene. Pictures of the Princesses Beatrix and Irene from the same period: picture 1; picture 2. He married (2) Francis J. NN.

Children of Johannes Renkers and Simone D'Aoust are:

  1. Antonia Marie147 (Toni) Renkers, born April 29th 1944 in Belleville Ontario (Canada).
  2. Joan Mary148 Renkers, born August 26th 1946 in Grandview Manitoba (Canada).
  3. Mary Carol149 Renkers, born October 7th 1947 in Gradview Manitoba (Canada); died November 6th 1947 in Grandview Manitoba (Canada); buried in Grandview Manitoba (Canada); cause of death: obstruction of the bowel.
  4. Jerry John150 Renkers, born December 3rd 1948 in Grandview Manitoba (Canada).

73. Adrianus Wilhelmus Renkers (Arie) (Peter28, Aart Hendrik14, Henricus11, Ariën8, Henricus5, Daniel Janssen2, Jan1) born December 18th 1905 in Hoogland (certificate 72) and died January 1st 1983 in Hoevelaken, buried January 5th 1983 in Hooglanderveen (overlijdensadvertentie); profession: wireman / navvy / agricultural labourer / bee-keeper / chauffeur. He married (marriage-picture) Gerarda Johanna Huijskes (Grada) (picture) August 9th 1933 in Hoogland, born July 2nd 1911 in Hoogland, died January 1st 1998 in Amersfoort (In-Memoriam-Card), burial January 5th in Hooglanderveen; dochter van Albertus Huijskes en Gerritje van den Berg.

Children of Adrianus Renkers and Gerarda Huijskes are:

  1. Petrus Albertus151 Renkers (Piet), born May 30th 1935 in Hoogland; died July 23rd 1996 in Apeldoorn, buried July 27th 1996 in Assel.
  2. Gerda Maria152 Renkers, born April 4th 1939 in Hoogland.
  3. Maria Wilhelmina153 Renkers, born May 10th 1942 in Hoogland. She married Johannes Henricus (Joop) van den Heuvel May 16th 1968, born September 6th 1939 in Hoogland, died September 8th 2010 in Hoevelaken, buried September 13th 2010 in Hoevelaken; son of Willem van den Heuvel and Wilhelmina Houtveen.
  4. Albertus Adrianus154 Renkers (Bart), born August 1st 1948 in Hoogland.
  5. Gerardus Adrianus155 Renkers (Gerard), born January 21st 1953 in Hoogland; profession: small entrepeneur. He married J. Smits September 19th 1980 in Amersfoort.

74. Margaretha Cornelia Renkers (Grietje) (Peter28, Aart Hendrik14, Henricus11, Ariën8, Henricus5, Daniel Janssen2, Jan1) (picture) born June 27th 1907 in Hoogland and died May 8th 1980 in Zeist, buried May 12th 1980 in Zeist (mourning card). She married Casper Leeuwenkamp (picture) May 11th 1932 in Hoogland, church-marriage May 11th 1932 in Hooglanderveen (St. Joseph), born June 28th 1906 in Zeist, died April 13th 1945 in Zeist, (In-Memoriam card), (mourning card), buried April 17th 1945 in Zeist. Cause of death: shot by the Germans. Profession: policeman and special constable, son of Willem van Leeuwenkamp (In-Memoriam card) and Willempje Bokkers (In-Memoriam card); (picture Willem van Leeuwenkamp and Willempje Bokkers).

Children of Margaretha Renkers and Casper Leeuwenkamp are:

  1. Wilhelmina Maria156 Leeuwenkamp, born May 2nd 1933 in Zeist. She married Hendrikus Johannes Leber December 13th 1956 in Zeist, born November 22nd 1928 in Utrecht, died April 26th 1985 in Zeist; profession: office clerk, civil servant federal taxes.
  2. Maria Reinera157 Leeuwenkamp, born December 28th 1934 in Zeist.
  3. Willibrordus Petrus158 Leeuwenkamp, born January 7th 1939 in Zeist.
  4. Petrus Casper159 Leeuwenkamp, born April 20th 1942 in Zeist; died February 19th 2015 in Zeist, burial February 26th 2015 in Zeist.

78. Margaretha Maria Renkers (Griet) (Wulfert30, Aart Hendrik14, Henricus11, Ariën8, Henricus5, Daniel Janssen2, Jan1) born May 10th 1912 in Hoogland and died December 18th 1995 in Soest, buried December 22nd in Soest (death notice). She married Adrianus Bernardus Bosman (Aart) November 22nd 1933 in Hoogland, born April 14th 1904 in Stoutenburg, died March 10th 1974 in Soest, son of Wilhelmus Bosman and Geertruida van der Hijden; brother of Johannes Bosman; profession: café proprietor, shop-keeper, merchant.

Children of Margaretha Renkers and Adrianus Bosman are:

  1. Geertruida Bartha160 Bosman, born January 20th 1935 in Stoutenburg.
  2. Wulfranus Wilhelmus161 Bosman, born June 15th 1936 in Stoutenburg.
  3. Wilhelmus Wulfranus162 Bosman, born August 14th 1937 in Stoutenburg.
  4. Bartha Johanna Geertruida163 Bosman, born April 24th 1939 in Stoutenburg.
  5. Johanna Margaretha Maria164 Bosman, born August 11th 1943 in Stoutenburg.

80. Maria Margaretha Renkers (Mies) (Wulfert30, Aart Hendrik14, Henricus11, Ariën8, Henricus5, Daniel Janssen2, Jan1) born October 22nd 1915 in Hoogland. She married Simon Vonk (Siem) January 23rd 1946 in Hoogland, born September 25th 1913 in Amersfoort, died October 19th 1984 in Hoogland, buried October 23rd 1984 in Hoogland; profession: blacksmith, electric welder, bench-hand Dutch Railways; son of Lambertus Johannes Vonk and Evertje Schut.

Children of Maria Renkers and Simon Vonk are:

  1. Lambertus Wulfradus165 Vonk, born January 13th 1947 in Amersfoort, died February 9th 1947 in Amersfoort (death-certificate).
  2. Bertha Everdina Johanna166 Vonk, born December 3rd 1950 in Amersfoort.
  3. Everardus Simon167 Vonk (Ed), born December 21st 1954 in Amersfoort. He married Helena Cornelia Lidwina Nieuwenburg (Lia) July 14th 1989 in Bunschoten, born April 14th 1961 in Hoogland, daughter of Hendrikus Gerardus Nieuwenburg and Helena Gijsbertha van de Hoef.

81. Adrianus Hendrikus Renkers (Aart) (Wulfert30, Aart Hendrik14, Henricus11, Ariën8, Henricus5, Daniel Janssen2, Jan1) born February 16th 1917 in Hoogland, died June 6th 1989 in Amersfoort and buried June 9th 1989 in Hoogland (overlijdensadvertentie); profession: farmer/stock-breeder. He married (1) (marriage picture) Johanna Verhoef August 17th 1946 in Barneveld, born February 12th 1923 in Barneveld, died September 6th 1954 in Utrecht (In Memoriam card) and buried September 10th 1954 in Hoogland (picture). He married (2) (marriage picture) Gijsberta Verhoef October 6th 1955 in Hoogland, born September 11th 1932 in Barneveld. Johanna Verhoef and Gijsberta Verhoef are sisters and daughters of Rutgerus Verhoef and Adriana van Esveld.

Children of Adrianus Renkers and Johanna Verhoef are:

  1. Bertha Adriana Johanna168 Renkers (Bep), born June 28th 1947 in Hoogland.
  2. Adriana Bertha Johanna169 Renkers (Sjaan), born October 31st 1948 in Hoogland.

Children of Adrianus Renkers and Gijsberta Verhoef are:

  1. Johanna Maria170 Renkers (Joke), born February 2nd 1956 in Hoogland.
  2. Johanna Margaretha171 Renkers (Annie), born September 28th 1957 in Hoogland.
  3. Rutgerus Wulfranus Adrianus172 Renkers (Ruud), born December 6th 1959 in Hoogland.
  4. Wulfrana Gijsbertha Johanna173 Renkers (Francien), born April 24th 1962 in Hoogland.

83. Geertruida Henrika Renkers (Geertje) (Wulfert30, Aart Hendrik14, Henricus11, Ariën8, Henricus5, Daniel Janssen2, Jan1) born February 12th 1920 in Hoogland; died June 16th 2001 in Woerden, buried June 21st 2001 in Bodegraven (death notice). She married (1) Johannes Bosman August 7th 1940 in Hoogland, born July 17th 1910 in Achterveld, died April 24th 1945 in Achterveld (certificate 25, dated May 22nd 1945) (cause of death and In Memoriam Card) and buried April 25th 1945 in Achterveld, son of Wilhelmus Bosman and Geertruida van der Hijden; brother of Adrianus Bernardus Bosman. She married (2) Gerardus Antonius van Nierop October 30th 1946 in Stoutenburg, born March 3rd 1906 in Amsterdam, died July 17th 1961 in Bodegraven, buried July 21st 1961 in Bodegraven; profession: agricultural labourer, agent cattle-market Utrecht.

Children of Geertruida Renkers and Johannes Bosman are:

  1. Geertruida Margaretha174 Bosman (Truus), born June 9th 1941 in Achterveld, died April 24th 1945 in Achterveld (certificate 24, dated May 22nd 1945) and buried April 25th 1945 in Achterveld.
  2. Wulfranus Wilhelmus175 Bosman, born July 1942 in Stoutenburg; died December 21st 1944 in Stoutenburg (certificate 28, dated December 22nd 1944).
  3. Wilhelmus176 Bosman (Wim), born January 20th 1944 in Stoutenburg. He married (1) Riet Hölscher. After a divorce he married (2) Nel Blijleven August 2nd 1990 in Alphen a/d Rijn, born September 19th 1944 in Delft.
  4. Truusje177 Bosman, born November 28th 1945 in Stoutenburg, died directly after her birth (certificate 55, dated November 29th 1945 in Stoutenburg.

Children of Geertruida Renkers and Gerardus van Nierop are:

  1. Wilhelmus Adrianus Gerardus178 van Nierop (Wil), born September 30th 1947 in Stoutenburg.
  2. Bertha Engelbertha Johanna179 van Nierop (Bep), born April 6th 1950 in Stoutenburg.
  3. Maria Johanna Lebuina180 van Nierop (Mary), born May 8th 1953 in Stoutenburg.

86. Adrianus Hendrikus Renkers (foto) (Arie) (Willem31, Aart Hendrik14, Henricus11, Ariën8, Henricus5, Daniel Janssen2, Jan1) born September 3rd 1908 in Hoogland, died February 14th 1993 in Amersfoort (In Memoriam card), cremation February 19th 1993 in Utrecht. Profession: public servant Registrar's Office municipality Amersfoort - Registration Officer (biographical data). He married (marriage picture) Hendrika de Vries (foto) (Riek) April 16th 1936 in Amersfoort, daughter of Cornelis Gerardus de Vries (foto) and Johanna van Laar (foto). Hendrika de Vries was born November 21st 1906 in Amersfoort and died May 13th 1993 in Amersfoort, cremation May 17th 1993 in Utrecht.

Children of Adrianus Renkers and Hendrika de Vries are: (family-picture)

  1. Willem Maria181 Renkers (Wim), born May 28th 1938 in Amersfoort; died October 20th 1979 in Amersfoort.
  2. Cornelis Gerardus Maria182 Renkers (picture) (Kees), born May 28th 1938 in Amersfoort, christening June 4th 1938 in the Sint Franciscus Xaverius Church in Amersfoort (witnesses: Cornelis van Loen and Maria Margaretha Renkers), student for the priesthood at the Order of the Holy Cross; died October 20th 1960 in Leiden (renal calculus operation: anaesthesic mistake) (death-certificate) (In Memoriam card), buried October 24th 1960 in Amersfoort.
  3. Adrianus Hendrikus Maria183 Renkers (Ad), born November 24th 1943 in Amersfoort.
  4. Jozef Antonius Maria184 Renkers (Joop), born March 16th 1950 in Amersfoort (house of birth), christening March 16th 1950 in Amersfoort (Sint Ansfridus), witnesses Hendrikus Jacobus Smink and Margaretha Everarda Renkers; (photo with father in Lourdes 1975); profession: self-employed: designer of websites. He met Ronald Antonius Maria (Ronald) Pellemans June 19th 1997 in Haarlem (picture 1), (picture 2), born May 16th 1952 in Eindhoven. Profession: architect.

88. Maria Margaretha Renkers (Marie) (Willem31, Aart Hendrik14, Henricus11, Ariën8, Henricus5, Daniel Janssen2, Jan1) born March 22nd 1911 in Hoogland, died February 10th 1941 in Hoogland (certificate 13) (In Memoriam card) (biographical data), buried February 13th 1941 in Hoogland. She married (marriage picture) Cornelis van Loen (Kees) May 11th 1932 in Hoogland, son of Maas van Loen and Antje Traa, born February 4th 1909 in Hoogland, died May 21st 1976 in Utrecht (In Memoriam card), buried May 26th 1976 in Hoogland. Profession: blacksmith / shoeing-smith (picture) (biographical data).

Children of Maria Renkers and Cornelis van Loen are:

  1. Hermanus Willem185 van Loen (Herman), born September 5th 1933 in Hoogland.
  2. Hendrika Anna186 van Loen (Riet), born September 7th 1935 in Hoogland.
  3. Anna Margaretha187 van Loen (Ans), born May 5th 1938 in Hoogland; died October 17th 2013 in Hoogland, burial October 23rd 2013 in Hoogland.

89. Jacob Gerard Renkers (Jacob) (Willem31, Aart Hendrik14, Henricus11, Ariën8, Henricus5, Daniel Janssen2, Jan1) born August 5th 1912 in Hoogland, died July 5th 1988 in Amersfoort (In Memoriam card) (death notice), burial July 9th 1988 in Amersfoort. Profession: butcher / janitor / courier indoor service. He married (marriage picture) Johanna Dina Schoonderbeek (Annie) May 1st 1935 in Hoogland (picture), daughter of Timotius Schoonderbeek and Johanna Schut, born April 25th 1914 in Putten, died October 6th 2001 in Amersfoort (death notice), buried October 11th 2001 in Amersfoort, Utrechtseweg.

Children of Jacob Renkers and Johanna Schoonderbeek are:

  1. Hendrika Anna188 Renkers (Riet), born March 25th 1936 in Hoogland.
  2. Timoteus Willem189 Renkers (Thiem), born December 13th 1937 in Hoogland.
  3. Willem Timoteus190 Renkers (Wim), born February 8th 1939 in Hoogland; died April 9th 1997 in Amersfoort, buried in Amersfoort, Utrechtseweg; profession: Sergeant-Major Royal Navy.
  4. Elisabeth Johanna Hendrica191 Renkers (Annelies), born October 19th 1940 in Hoogland; died November 4th 1940 in Amersfoort (death-certificate) (In Memoriam card), buried November 6th 1940 in Hoogland.
  5. Elisabeth Johanna Maria192 Renkers (Lies), born February 26th 1942 in Hoogland.
  6. Jacob Gerard193 Renkers (Sjaak), born February 3rd 1944 in Hoogland.
  7. Johanna194 Renkers (Anjo), geboren 9 november 1945 in Hoogland.
  8. Petrus Paulus195 Renkers (Paultje), born July 13th 1952; died April 17th 1953 (In Memoriam card).
  9. Paulus196 Renkers (Paul), born May 29th 1956 in Amersfoort. He married Elisabeth Marijke van Essen (Elles) August 31st 1999 in Maartensdijk, born April 22nd 1966 in Amersfoort.

92. Margaretha Everarda Renkers (Greet) (Willem31, Aart Hendrik14, Henricus11, Ariën8, Henricus5, Daniel Janssen2, Jan1) born August 9th 1916 in Hoogland; died November 27th 2007 in Amersfoort, buried December 1st in Amersfoort. She married (marriage picture) Hendrikus Jacobus Smink (Henk) June 29th 1938 in Hoogland, son of Joannes Smink and Klaasje Kok. Hendrikus Smink born September 3rd 1912 in Hoogland, died October 23rd 1986 in Amersfoort. Profession: florist.

Children of Margaretha Renkers and Hendrikus Smink are:

  1. Clasina Hendrika Johanna197 Smink (Ineke), born March 27th 1939 in Amersfoort.
  2. Willem Joannes198 Smink (Wim), born April 27th 1940 in Amersfoort.
  3. Hendrika Maria Anna199 Smink (Rietje), born September 20th 1941 in Amersfoort.
  4. Anna Maria200 Smink (Annemarie), born July 19th 1943 in Amersfoort; profession: secretary. She married Thomas Johannes Benedictus Maria Snels (Thom) November 12th 1997 in Amersfoort, born May 9th 1936, profession: physician.
  5. Joannes Wilhelmus Maria201 Smink (Jan), born February 23rd 1945 in Hoogland.
  6. Margaretha Geertruida202 Smink (Margreet), born April 17th 1946 in Amersfoort.
  7. Hendrikus Lambertus Everardus203 Smink (Henk), born July 24th 1947 in Amersfoort.
  8. Adrianus Hendrikus Maria204 Smink (Ad), born December 18th 1948 in Amersfoort; died October 2nd 1995 in Amersfoort.
  9. Hendrika Margaretha Maria205 Smink (Rieneke), born September 1st 1950 in Amersfoort.
  10. Jacob Daniel Everarda Maria206 Smink (Jos), born September 5th 1951 in Amersfoort.
  11. Hubertus Jozef207 Smink (Huub), born April 3rd 1953 in Amersfoort.
  12. Petrus Theodorus Maria208 Smink (Peter), born May 10th 1954 in Amersfoort.
  13. Paulus Wilhelmus Maria209 Smink (Paul), born July 15th 1956 in Amersfoort.
  14. Leonardus Adrianus Jozef210 Smink (Leo), born March 10th 1958 in Amersfoort.

93. Hendrika Geertruida Renkers (Riek) (Willem31, Aart Hendrik14, Henricus11, Ariën8, Henricus5, Daniel Janssen2, Jan1) born February 12th 1918 in Hoogland. She married (marriage picture) Adrianus Cornelis van den Eshof (Arie) June 25th 1941 in Hoogland, son of Jan van den Eshof and Hendrika Hooft, born September 3rd 1915 in Hoogland, buried October 18th 1975 in Hilversum, profession: milk-chauffeur / chauffeur / farmer / chauffeur State Forrestry Service.

Children of Hendrika Renkers and Adrianus van den Eshof are: (family picture)

  1. Jan Willem211 van den Eshof (Jan), born October 25th 1941 in Uden.
  2. Willem Adrianus212 van den Eshof (Wim), born March 6th 1943 in Hoogland.
  3. Hendrika Richarda Maria213 van den Eshof (Ria), born May 27th 1944 in Hoogland.
  4. Hendrika Johanna214 van den Eshof (Hennie), born June 7th 1945.
  5. Adrianus Cornelis215 van den Eshof (Adri), born August 7th 1946 in Hoogland. He married G. Mans February 15th 1971 in Baarn. G. Mans died October 11th 1990 in Nieuwegein. He met (2) Ada Westerink November 1992, born October 22nd 1959 in Baarn.
  6. Jacobus Hendrikus216 van den Eshof (Jaap), born October 22nd 1947 in Hoogland.
  7. Cornelis Gerardus217 van den Eshof (Kees), born November 17th 1948 in Hoogland.
  8. Maria Catharina218 van den Eshof (Marijke), born February 21st 1950 in Hoogland.
  9. Lamberta Agnes219 van den Eshof (Beppie), born June 24th 1951 in Hoogland.
  10. Margaretha Everarda220 van den Eshof (Greet), born September 13th 1952 in Hoogland; died February 6th in Naarden.
  11. Johannes Theodorus Maria221 van den Eshof (Jos), born May 30th 1954 in Hoogland.
  12. Geertruida Adriana222 van den Eshof (Truus), born April 21st 1956 in Hoogland.
  13. Theodorus Johannes223 van den Eshof (Theo), born May 1st 1957 in Hoogland; he met Jacoba Bernardina Maria Smink (José) December 27th 1990, daughter of Gijsbertus Wilhelmus Smink and Antonia Johanna van Hamersveld, born June 3rd 1962 in Hoogland.
  14. Petrus Wilhelmus224 van den Eshof (Peter), born July 24th 1958 in Baarn.
  15. Catharina Maria225 van den Eshof (Karin), born November 7th 1961 in Baarn.
  16. Wilhelmina Lambertha226 van den Eshof (Helma), born February 17th 1963 in Baarn.

94. Willem Antoninus Renkers (Wim) (Willem31, Aart Hendrik14, Henricus11, Ariën8, Henricus5, Daniel Janssen2, Jan1) born May 10th 1919 in Hoogland, died June 16th 1962 in Hilversum (gangrene after traffic-accident) and buried in Amersfoort. Profession: skilled labourer Postal Service. He married (marriage picture) Catharina Mulder (Tiny) June 30th 1948 in Wervershoof, born October 2nd 1923 in Nibbixwoud NH, died September 20th 2008 in Amersfoort, cremation September 25th 2008 in Amersfoort, daughter of Johannes Mulder and Immetje van Stralen.

Children of Willem Renkers and Catharina Mulder are:

  1. Hendrika Emma Maria227 Renkers (Ria), born October 31st 1949 in Amersfoort.
  2. Emma Martha Maria228 Renkers (Emmy), born July 9th 1951 in Amersfoort.
  3. Willem229 Renkers (Wim), born August 26th 1954 in Amersfoort; died September 17th in Amersfoort.

95. Hendrikus Jordanus Renkers (Henk) (Willem31, Aart Hendrik14, Henricus11, Ariën8, Henricus5, Daniel Janssen2, Jan1) born August 9th 1920 in Hoogland, died April 17th 2011 in Amersfoort and buried April 21st 2011 in Amersfoort. Profession: chauffeur AVA - motor mechanic. He married (marriage picture) Agnes Dorothea van Valkenhoef (Agnes) November 28th 1946 in Amersfoort, born February 23rd 1923 in Amsterdam, daughter of Reinerus Richardus van Valkenhoef and Dorothea Hogen, died October 14th 2003 in Amersfoort, burial October 17th 2003 in Amersfoort (RC cemetery Utrechtseweg).
Pictures at the 55 years wedding-party in 2001: Picture 1, picture 2, picture 3, picture 4, picture 5.

Children of Hendrikus Renkers and Agnes van Valkenhoef are:

  1. Hendrika Dorothea Maria230 Renkers (Ria), born October 16th 1947 in Amersfoort. She married Volker Klaus Peter Ziegler April 14th 1976 in Amersfoort, born September 22nd 1941 in Merzig, Saarland, Germany. Divorce: September 12th 2007 in Lampertheim, Germany.
  2. Dorothea Agnes Maria231 Renkers (Thea), born January 7th 1949 in Amersfoort.
  3. Willem Henricus Maria232 Renkers (Wim), born February 14th 1950 in Amersfoort.
  4. Richardus Jacobus233 Renkers (Richard), born June 11th 1951 in Amersfoort.
  5. Henricus Hessel Maria234 Renkers (Henk), born September 28th 1952 in Amersfoort.
  6. Agnes Elisabeth Maria235 Renkers (Ankie), born April 28th 1954 in Amersfoort.
  7. Jeroen Reinier Maria236 Renkers (Jeroen), born September 30th 1958 in Amersfoort.
  8. Jolanda Paulien Maria237 Renkers (Jolanda), born October 6th 1960 in Amersfoort. She married May 9th 2000 Chris Kessels, born November 27th 1956 in Amsterdam.
  9. Maria Agnes Christien238 Renkers (Marjan), born December 4th 1961 in Amersfoort.

97. Daniel Stephanus Renkers (Daan) (Willem31, Aart Hendrik14, Henricus11, Ariën8, Henricus5, Daniel Janssen2, Jan1) born August 3rd 1923 in Hoogland, died December 31st 2000 in Amersfoort, burial January 4th 2001 in Hoogland; profession: Post Office Official - book-keeper. He married Everarda Johanna Smink (Gé) May 20th 1953 in Hoogland, born April 7th 1930 in Hoogland, daughter of Johannes Smink and Johanna van de Burgwal. They divorced on June 25th 1982 in Amersfoort and remarried on December 8th 1986 in Amersfoort. Family picture.

Children of Daniel Renkers and Everarda Smink are:

  1. Willem Johannes Maria239 Renkers (Wim), born February 20th 1954 in Hoogland. He married Gerda Wisgerhof December 19th 1975 in Amersfoort, born December 29th 1954 in Amersfoort, christening January 22nd 1955 in Amersfoort, daughter of Gerrit Wisgerhof and Antonia Hendrika Langras.
  2. Johanna Hendrika240 Renkers (Annemiek), born January 21st 1956 in Hoogland.
  3. Hendrika Johanna241 Renkers (Henriette), born June 20th 1957 in Hoogland.
  4. Margaretha Everarda242 Renkers (Margreet), born December 17th 1958 in Hoogland.
  5. Johannes Daniel243 Renkers (Jan), born March 2nd 1962 in Hoogland.
  6. Ingrid Everarda Johanna244 Renkers (Ingrid), born May 5th 1968 in Hoogland. She married Bob Rolvink May 22nd 2001 in Utrecht, born December 13th 1940 in The Hague; profession: director academy.

98. Geertruida Cornelia Renkers (Geertje) (Willem31, Aart Hendrik14, Henricus11, Ariën8, Henricus5, Daniel Janssen2, Jan1) born February 16th 1926 in Hoogland, died July 30th 2003 in Breda, buried August 4th 2003 in Breda. She married (marriage picture) Theodorus Gregorius Keijsers (Theo) June 14th 1949 in Hoogland, born October 13th 1918 in Susteren, died July 1st 2001 in Breda, buried July 5th 2001 in Breda, son of Hendrik Keijsers and Maria Louisa Meijboom.

Children of Geertruida Renkers and Theodorus Keijsers are:

  1. Maria Louisa Hendrika Catharina245 Keijsers (Loes), born April 21st 1950 in Heerlen.
  2. Willem Hendrik Adriaan Marie246 Keijsers (Wim), born June 9th 1951 in Heerlen.
  3. Hendrika Maria Louisa Josephina247 Keijsers (Enny), born July 31st 1952 in Heerlen.
  4. Hendrik Willem Marie248 Keijsers (Erik), born December 2nd 1953 in Heerlen; died April 12th 2008 in Breda, buried April 17th 2008 in Breda.
  5. Martinus Maria Henricus249 Keijsers (Maarten), born July 19th 1955 in Heerlen.
  6. Vincentius Maria Theodorus250 Keijsers (Vincent), born July 19th 1955 in Heerlen.
  7. Ernestinus Maria Henricus251 Keijsers (Ernst), born February 27th 1957 in Heerlen.

102. Maria Hooft (Hendrikus35, Maria Renkers16, Henricus11, Ariën8, Henricus5, Daniel Janssen2, Jan1) was born January 5th 1903 in Watergraafsmeer. She married Johannes Venneman February 23rd 1922 in Amsterdam, born August 20th 1901 in Watergraafsmeer, son of Johannes Venneman and Alida Margaretha Koenders.

Children of Maria Hooft and Johannes Venneman are:

  1. Johannes Hendrikus252 Venneman, born July 13th 1922 in Amsterdam.
  2. Albertus Maria253 Venneman, born November 22nd 1931 in Amsterdam.

103. Pieter Jacobus Hooft (Hendrikus35, Maria Renkers16, Henricus11, Ariën8, Henricus5, Daniel Janssen2, Jan1) was born May 15th 1904 in Watergraafsmeer. He married Ceslawa Staszak March 21st 1928 in Amsterdam, born December 22nd 1907 in Bottrop, Germany, daughter of Anton Staszak and Josefa Jendzejweska.

Children of Pieter Jacobus Hooft and Ceslawa Staszak are:

  1. Elisabeth Cornelia254 Hooft, born September 2nd 1928 in Amsterdam.
  2. Josepha255 Hooft, born April 10th 1932 in Amsterdam.

104. Jacobus Hooft (Hendrikus35, Maria Renkers16, Henricus11, Ariën8, Henricus5, Daniel Janssen2, Jan1) was born February 4th 1906 in Rath, Germany. He married Cornelia Portengen June 27th 1928 in Nieuwer-Amstel, born July 6th 1901 in Amsterdam, daughter of Johannes Portengen and Johanna Geertruida Meijer.

Children of Jacobus Hooft and Cornelia Portengen are:

  1. Albertus256 Hooft, born November 30th 1928 in Amsterdam.
  2. Jacobus257 Hooft, born January 13th 1930 in Amsterdam.
  3. Johanna Geertruida258 Hooft, born January 4th 1932 in Amsterdam.


Generation 9 and 10