You appear not to have a JavaScript capable brower

You have reached this page because your browser does not support JavaScript (or you have disabled it), and the email link you clicked on has been designed to combat spam by using JavaScript to display the email address in a form that email address harvesters do not understand.
Unfortunately, the browser you are using does not understand it either.

What should I do now?

Of course we regret that you cannot reach me in a simple way. However, unwanted spam is filling my inbox and makes it harder for me to find genuine requests for information.
This is of little comfort to you. Here are some suggestions:
  1. Open your mail programme and send an email to joop @ profip . nl (leave the empty spaces from this address).
  2. Enable JavaScript in your browser (if you have turned it off) or use an alternative browser to visit the site.

We appreciate that this is not ideal, and have only taken this step because we are not expecting visits from users without JavaScript available (in other words we fully expect nobody to read this page).