Ahnentafel Willem Maria Verest

Generation 6

32. Johannes Verest (Jan), born June 2nd 1816 in Heeze (birth-certificate), christening June 2nd 1816 in Heeze (witnesses: Johannes Bennis and Elisabeth Verest); died March 14th 1890 in Heeze; burial March 15th 1890 in Heeze. Profession: tanner, shoe-maker.
He was the son of 64. Henricus Verest and 65. Petronella Antonii Bennis.
He married 33. Anna Catharina Janssen February 11th 1847 in Heeze.

33. Anna Catharina Janssen, born January 8th 1816 in Heeze; died October 17th 1881 in Heeze; burial October 21st 1881 in Heeze.
She was the daughter of 66. Jacobus Janssen and 67. Helena Maria Scheepers.

Children of Johannes Verest and Anna Janssen are:

  1. Jacobus Verest, born November 16th 1847 in Heeze (certificate 41 d.d. 17-11-1847).
  2. Antonet Verest, born October 27th 1848 in Heeze (certificate 43 d.d. 27-10-1848).
  3. Hendrikus Verest16, born May 29th 1851 in Heeze; died June 16th 1924 in Heeze; married Catharina van den Broek17 March 6th 1886 in Heeze.
  4. Leonardus Verest, born December 25th 1854 in Heeze (certificate 52 d.d. 27-12-1854).

34. Johannes van den Broek (Jan), born November 8th 1824 in Geldrop; died August 10th 1864 in Geldrop. Profession: weaver.
He was the son of 68. Arnoldus van den Broek and 69. Catharina van Stratum.
He married 35. Lamberdina van den Hurk May 1st 1858 in Heeze.

35. Lamberdina van den Hurk, born April 1st 1830 in Heeze; died August 7th 1864 in Geldrop.
She was the daughter of 70. Francis van den Hurk and 71. Catharina van den Wildenberg.

Child of Johannes van den Broek and Lamberdina van den Hurk is:

  1. Catharina van den Broek17, born April 29th 1860 in Geldrop; died July 5th 1953 in Heeze; married Hendrikus Verest16 March 6th 1886 in Heeze.

36. Josephus Sanders, born December 30th 1833 in Helmond; died January 16th 1908 in Zesgehuchten. Profession: factory-worker.
He was the son of 72. Henricus Sanders and 73. Johanna van Tongerlo.
He married (1) 37. Francisca van Eckendonk September 16th 1861 in Mierlo (marriage-certificate). He married (2) Anna Maria van der Meijden January 14th 1886 in Geldrop (certificate 1), born January 7th 1843 in Boxtel, died March 18th 1889 in Geldrop.

37. Francisca van Eckendonk, born June 5th 1826 in Mierlo; died March 16th 1884 in Geldrop. Profession: weaver.
She was the daughter of 74. Michiel van Eckendonk and 75. Hendrina Michels.

Children of Josephus Sanders and Francisca van Eckendonk are:

  1. Michaël Sanders18, born October 19th 1865 in Zesgehuchten; died January 29th 1951 in Geldrop; married Theodora Maria Verhoeven19 May 1st 1890 in Geldrop.
  2. Johannes Sanders, born June 2nd 1867 in Zesgehuchten; married (1) Wilhelmina Maria Jongslagers June 13th 1893 in Geldrop (certificate 4), born February 27th 1866 in Geldrop, died bef. 1909; married (2) Judoca Cornelia Maria Smulders May 18th 1909 in Geldrop (certificate 4), born abt. 1871 in Geldrop.

38. Gosewinus Verhoeven, born August 25th 1816 in Geldrop; died January 5th 1878 in Geldrop. Profession: weaver.
He was the son of 76. Nicolaas Verhoeven and 77. Johanna van Happen.
He married 39. Francisca van Woerkom June 2nd 1859 in Geldrop (certificate 13).

39. Francisca van Woerkom, born March 23rd 1836 in Geldrop; died October 3rd 1905 in Geldrop.
She was the daughter of 78. Johannes van Woerkom and 79. Dorothea Maria Bloemen.

Child of Gosewinus Verhoeven en Francisca van Woerkom is:

  1. Theodorus Verhoeven, born in Geldrop; married Maria Catharina van Wershoven October 13th 1900 in Geldrop (certificate 18), born in Geldrop.
  2. Theodora Maria Verhoeven19, born December 18th 1865 in Geldrop; died January 8th 1915 in Geldrop; married Michaël Sanders18 May 1st 1890 in Geldrop.

40. Theodorus Martinus van Teeffelen, born February 10th 1839 in Alphen aan de Maas; died June 28th 1908 in Helenaveen. Profession: farmer.
He was the son of 80. Gerardus van Teeffelen and 81. Geertruida Geerds.
He married 41. Geertruida van den Oever April 17th 1863 in Appeltern (certificate 7).

41. Geertruida van den Oever, born April 27th 1837 in Alphen aan de Maas.
She was the daughter of 82. Hendrik van den Oever and 83. Maria Anna van Avezaat.

Children of Theodorus van Teeffelen en Geertruida van den Oever are:

  1. Gerardus Johannes van Teeffelen20, born December 5th 1865 in Appeltern; died June 10th 1949 in Helenaveen; married Petronella Bosch21 February 27th 1895 in Deurne en Liessel.
  2. Antonius Geertruda van Teeffelen, born abt. 1870 in Appeltern; married Gerritje van Tol May 26th 1900 in Deurne en Liessel (certificate 26).
  3. Geertruida Petronella van Teeffelen, born abt. 1872 in Appeltern; married Adrianus van der Zwaan May 18th 1901 in Deurne en Liessel (certificate 29).
  4. Antonius Leonardus van Teeffelen, born abt. 1873 in Appeltern; married Julia Virginia de Corte October 17th 1904 in Deurne en Liessel (certificate 37).
  5. Theodora Petronella van Teeffelen, born July 26th 1875 in Alphen en Riel; married Gerardus Joosten February 20th 1909 in Deurne en Liessel (certificate 9).
  6. Anna Maria van Teeffelen, born abt. 1879 in Deurne en Liessel; married Johannes Bakker April 25th 1903 in Deurne en Liessel (certificate 23).

42. Gerardus Hendrikus Bosch, born February 6th 1822 in Berlicum.
He was the son of 84. Hendrikus Bosch and 85. Petronella van Hoek.
He married 43. Johanna van Zoggel May 10th 1850 in Berlicum.

43. Johanna van Zoggel, born January 17th 1823 in Rosmalen.
She was the daughter of 86. Lambertus van Zoggel and 87. Elizabeth Jansen.

Children of Gerardus Bosch and Johanna van Zoggel zijn:

  1. Lambertus Bosch, born October 8th 1852 in Berlicum; married Wilhelmina Janssen April 7th 1883 in Deurne en Liessel (certificate 6).
  2. Elisabeth Bosch, born abt. 1856 in Berlicum; married Theodorus van de Ven July 9th 1887 in Deurne en Liessel (certificate 25).
  3. Adrianus Bosch, born abt. 1859 in Berlicum; married Maria Hendriks May 13th 1893 in Deurne en Liessel (certificate 25).
  4. Petronella Bosch21, born April 16th 1867 in Berlicum; died May 5th 1927 in Helenaveen; married Gerardus Johannes van Teeffelen20 February 27th 1895 in Deurne en Liessel.

44. Antonius van der Velden (Antoon), born June 15th 1825 in Rosmalen; died November 18th 1905 in Rosmalen. Profession: day-labourer.
He was the son of 88. Jan van der Velden and 89. Wilhelmina Langenhuijzen.
He married 45. Hendrina van der Donk May 7th 1853 in Nuland.

45. Hendrina van der Donk, born September 26th 1812 in Nuland; died September 30th 1891 in Rosmalen. Profession: maid-servant.
She was the daughter of 90. George van der Donk and 91. Annie van het Sant.

Child of Antonius van der Velden and Hendrina van der Donk is:

  1. Johannis van der Velden22, born August 15th 1855 in Rosmalen; died December 24th 1913 in Rosmalen; married Wilhelmina Versteegden23 November 20th 1891 in Rosmalen.

46. Hendricus Versteegden, born August 12th 1831 in Dinther; died October 10th 1885 in Rosmalen. Profession: farm-hand.
He was the son of 92. Johannes Verstegen and 93. Petronella van den Donk.
He married 47. Hendriana Westerlaken February 5th 1866 in Rosmalen.

47. Hendriana Westerlaken (Hendrien), born January 27th 1836 in Rosmalen; died April 8th 1906 in Rosmalen. Profession: maid-servant.
She was the daughter of 94. Johannis Westerlaken and 95. Johanna van den Hanenberg.

Child of Hendricus Versteegden and Hendriana Westerlaken is:

  1. Wilhelmina Versteegden23, born April 21st 1872 in Rosmalen; died March 30th 1953 in Rosmalen; married Johannis van der Velden22 November 20th 1891 in Rosmalen.

48. Aart Hendrik Renkers, born July 23rd 1838 in Duijst, de Haar and Zevenhuizen (birth-certificate); profession: labourer; died March 9th 1905 in Hoogland (death-certificate), (In Memoriam card).
He was the son of 96. Henricus Renkers and 97. Geertruij (Hendrikse) de Wit.
He married 49. Grietje Tolboom September 21st 1864 in Hoogland (marriage-certificate) (marriage annex).

49. Grietje Tolboom, born June 21st 1832 (according to identity card and genealogie Tolboom born May 20th 1832) in Duijst, de Haar and Zevenhuizen (birth-certificate); died November 5th 1909 in Hoogland (death-certificate), (In Memoriam card).
She was the daughter of 98. Gerrit Wulfert Tolboom and 99. Peternel (Janse) van Roomen.

Children of Aart Renkers and Grietje Tolboom are:

  1. Geertruida Renkers, born January 4th 1865 in Hoogland (birth-certificate); profession: stock-breeder; died March 24th 1951 in Hoogland (death-certificate nr. 22), burial March 29th 1951 in Hoogland (In Memoriam card); married Gerrit Hoefsloot February 18th 1892 in Hoogland (marriage-certificate) born September 28th 1846 in Duijst, de Haar and Zevenhuizen (birth-certificate), died November 25th 1930 in Hoogland (death-certificate), burial November 29th 1930 in Hoogland (In Memoriam card).
  2. Joannes Renkers, born June 24th 1867 in Hoogland (birth-certificate); died April 10th 1900 in Stoutenburg (death-certificate), buried April 14th in Hamersveld; profession: farmer; married Hendrika van der Heijden February 18th 1897 in Stoutenburg (certificate 2), born October 7th 1860 in Woudenberg (birth-certificate), died June 8th 1914 in Zeist (death-certificate) buried June 12th 1914 in Hamersveld.
  3. Hendrik Renkers, born May 31st 1869 in Hoogland (birth-certificate); died fall of 1952 in Grandview, Manitoba, Canada; married Hendrika Smink June 13th 1894 in Hoogland (marriage-certificate), born 17 September 1868 in Hoogland (certificate 46). Biographical data. After a failed marriage he meets Antonia Stalenhoef (picture). They got a son Johannes Gerardus Renkers (picture), born Februari 22nd 1912; died August 29th 1995 in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.
  4. Peter Renkers, born July 10th 1871 in Hoogland (birth-certificate nr. 32); profession: engineer pumping-station Zuidereind (biographical data); died June 27th 1956 in Zeist (In Memoriam card), buried July 2nd 1956 in Hooglanderveen; married Maria Steenkamp February 10th 1904 in Hoogland (marriage-certificate), born October 26th 1870 in Stoutenburg; died June 23rd 1915 in Hoogland (death-certificate nr. 20); profession: maid-servant.
  5. Dirk Renkers, born February 14th 1873 in Hoogland (birth-certificate nr. 10); married Johanna Christina Haan May 1st 1907 in Zutphen (marriage-certificate), born March 10th 1884 in Zutphen (birth-certificate). Biographical data.
  6. Wulfert Renkers (photo), born June 19th 1875 in Hoogland (birth-certificate nr. 27), profession: stock-breeder; died April 2nd 1952 in Utrecht (In Memoriam card), buried April 7th 1952 in Achterveld; married (1) Bartha van Kleinwee May 16th 1911 in Hoogland (marriage-certificate), born September 12th 1881 in Nijkerk; died January 29th 1922 in Amersfoort (death-certificate), buried February 2nd 1922 in Hoogland; married (2) Johanna Greefhorst June 21st 1923 in Stoutenburg, born September 15th 1879 in Stoutenburg, died November 25th 1945 in Amersfoort (death-certificate and In Memoriam card).
  7. Willem Renkers24, born April 27th 1878 in Hoogland; died July 3rd 1955 in Hoogland; married Hendrika Brouwer25 November 27th 1907 in Hoogland.

50. Jacob Brouwer, (photo), born January 5th 1846 in Hoogland (birth-certificate), profession: postman and pack-man (biographical data); died October 27th 1919 in Hoogland (certificate 46) (In Memoriam card), buried October 30th 1919 in Hoogland.
He was the son of 100. Jordanus Brouwer and 101. Hendrica van Dijk.
He married 51. Maria Blom November 16th 1881 in Hoogland (marriage-certificate) (National Militia).

51. Maria Blom, born August 25th 1851 in Hoogland (birth-certificate); died January 18th 1890 in Hoogland (death-certificate) (In Memoriam card).
She was the daughter of 102. Hendrik Blom and 103. Heindje van de Zuidwind.

Children of Jacob Brouwer and Maria Blom are:

  1. Hendrika Brouwer, born March 17th 1883 in Hoogland (certificate 14); died July 4th 1906 in Hoogland.
  2. Hendrik Brouwer, born February 25th 1884 in Hoogland (certificate 12); died March 6th 1884 in Hoogland (certificate 7).
  3. Hendrika Brouwer25, born May 11th 1885 in Hoogland; died December 24th 1980 in Amersfoort; married Willem Renkers24 November 27th 1907 in Hoogland.
  4. Cornelia Everarda Brouwer, born April 19th 1886 in Hoogland (certificate 21); died October 8th 1972 in Hoogland (In Memoriam card); married Hendrik Boersen February 7th 1917 in Hoogland (certificate 3), born May 11th 1888 in Hoogland (certificate 25), died April 27th 1956 in Hoogland (In Memoriam card), buried May 1st 1956 in Hooglanderveen; profession: president of the Cooperative Agricultural Union "De Samenwerking" in Hoogland. Bearer of the Medal of Honor in Gold connected to the Order of Oranje-Nassau.
  5. Margaretha Brouwer, born December 26th 1887 in Hoogland (certificate 64); died April 8th 1891 in Hoogland (certificate 26).
  6. Adriana Brouwer, born January 13th 1889 in Hoogland (certificate 1); died April 1st 1891 in Hoogland (certificate 25).
  7. Hendrik Brouwer, born January 13th 1890 in Hoogland (certificate 2); profession: carpenter and grocer; died September 1975 in Hoogland (In Memoriam card), buried October 1st 1975 in Hoogland; married Geertje van Wee November 4th 1919 in Hoogland (certificate 12), born December 6th 1888 in Hoogland (certificate 61), died March 1973 in Hoogland (In Memoriam card), buried March 22nd 1973 in Hoogland.
  8. Jordanus Brouwer (Daan), born January 13th 1890 in Hoogland (certificate 3); profession: banker agricultural loan-bank; died October 18th 1973 in Hoogland (In Memoriam card), buried October 22nd 1973 in Hooglanderveen; married Margaretha van Burgsteden (Grietje) November 10th 1920 in Hoogland (akte 35), born December 17th 1893 in Stoutenburg, died November 27th 1969 in Hoogland (In Memoriam card).

52. Antonius de Vries, (photo) born May 6th 1861 in Someren (birth-certificate); profession: farmer; died April 6th 1943 in Apeldoorn (death-certificate) (In Memoriam card), buried April 12th 1943 in Amersfoort.
He was the son of 104. Cornelis de Vries and 105. Josina van Duynhoven.
He married (marriage-certificate) 53. Antonia van Vulpen February 13th 1884 in Amersfoort (50 years marriage).

53. Antonia van Vulpen, (photo) born May 7th 1864 in Amersfoort (birth-certificate); died December 26th 1936 in Amersfoort (death-certificate) (In Memoriam card), buried December 29th 1936 in Amersfoort.
She was the daughter of 106. Gijsbertus van Vulpen and 107. Francisca Heijendaal.

Children of Antonius de Vries and Antonia van Vulpen are:

  1. Josina Francisca de Vries, born September 3rd 1884 in Amersfoort (certificate 344).
  2. Gijsbertus Cornelis de Vries, born February 13th 1886 in Amersfoort (certificate 67); died November 12th 1911 in Amersfoort (certificate 356); married Anna Maria Schaar April 3rd 1907 in Amersfoort (certificate 33), born abt. 1883 in Koog aan de Zaan; died May 11th 1915 in Amersfoort (certificate 162).
  3. Cornelis Gerardus de Vries26, born May 20th 1887 in Amersfoort; died November 9th 1959 in Amersfoort; married (1) Johanna van Laar27 July 29th 1908 in Amersfoort; married (2) Heiltje van Huik February 8th 1912 in Amersfoort.
  4. Francisca Josina de Vries, born September 15th 1888 in Amersfoort (certificate 394); died September 11th 1943 in Amersfoort (certificate 517) (In Memoriam card), buried September 14th 1943 in Amersfoort; married Timotheus Cornelis Verschuur September 12th 1911 in Amersfoort (certificate 113), born September 21st 1883 in Amersfoort, died February 4th 1957, buried in Amersfoort.
  5. Josina Geertruida de Vries (photo), born November 2nd 1889 in Amersfoort (certificate 472); died December 27th 1939 in Amersfoort (akte 545) (In Memoriam card), buried December 30th 1939 in Amersfoort; married Nicolaas Arnoldus Los June 28th 1917 in Utrecht (certificate 506), born May 30th 1887 in Amersfoort (certificate 224).
  6. Antonia Joanna de Vries, born November 8th 1891 in Amersfoort (certificate 505); died December 14th 1954 in Amersfoort (In Memoriam card), buried December 17th 1954 in Amersfoort; married Willem van der Linden January 20th 1914 in Amersfoort (certificate 7), born November 16th 1884 in Amersfoort (certificate 464), died January 14th 1955 in Amersfoort.
  7. Joanna Wilhelmina de Vries (Anna), born August 27th 1893 in Amersfoort (certificate 404); married Zacharias Arlar November 6th 1913 in Amersfoort (certificate 164), born August 6th 1887 in Amersfoort (certificate 298), died September 27th 1962 in Amersfoort (In Memoriam card), buried October 1st 1962 in Amersfoort.
  8. Antonius de Vries, born November 30th 1894 in Amersfoort (certificate 549); married Petronella Maria Sneijers October 2nd 1918 in Amersfoort (certificate 181), born October 9th in Raamsdonk.
  9. Petrus de Vries, born December 13th 1896 in Amersfoort (certificate 587); died May 29th 1975 in Amersfoort (In Memoriam card), buried June 2nd 1975 in Amersfoort; married Paulina Brokx April 23rd 1918 in Dongen (certificate 12), born March 10th 1893 in Dongen; died July 21st 1983 in Amersfoort (In Memoriam card).
  10. Gerardus de Vries, born October 21st 1899 in Amersfoort (certificate 534); married R. van de Bunt November 26th 1924 in Amersfoort.
  11. Geertruida Wilhelmina de Vries, born November 23rd 1901 in Amersfoort (certificate 581); died June 13th 1937 in Hoogland (certificate 28) (In Memoriam card), buried June 17th 1937 in Hooglanderveen; married Ludovicus Wilhelmus Jozeph te Kloese June 19th 1923 in Hoogland (certificate 10), born abt. 1900 in 's-Hertogenbosch.
  12. Lambertus Wilhelmus de Vries, born June 7th 1903 in Amersfoort; married Johanna Maria van Schalkwijk August 18th 1926 in Hoogland (certificate 15), born August 30th 1903 in Amersfoort (certificate 510).
  13. Wilhelmina Cato de Vries, born February 19th 1905 in Amersfoort; married L.F. van de Veer September 12th 1928 in Amersfoort.
  14. Josephus Henricus de Vries (Joop), born May 8th 1908 in Amersfoort; married Cornelia van 't Veld May 10th 1933 in Nijkerk.

54. Teunis van Laar, born February 14th 1850 in Doorn (birth-certificate); died December 10th 1913 in Amersfoort (death-certificate).
He was the son of 108. Teunis van Laar and 109. Cornelia van Batenburg.
He married 55. Rikje Baatje November 26th 1884 in Nijkerk (certificate 72).

55. Rikje Baatje (biographical data), born March 6th 1859 in Nijkerk (birth-certificate); died October 23rd 1926 in Amersfoort (certificate 299). She was the daughter of 110. Renger Baatje and 111. Gerritje Joosten van den Hul. She married (2) Gerrit van Duinen February 3rd 1915 in Amersfoort (certificate 18), born November 21st 1852 in Leusden (certificate 26), died September 9th 1929 in Amersfoort (certificate 293).

Children of Teunis van Laar and Rikje Baatje are:

  1. Hein van Laar, born March 2nd 1884 in Amsterdam (birth-certificate) (biographical data); married Maria Verhoef January 31st 1907 in Amersfoort, born May 16th 1878 in Amersfoort (certificate 171).
  2. Cornelia van Laar, born January 10th 1886 in Amersfoort (certificate 15); married Anthonius Johannes Hommes February 1st 1911 in Utrecht (certificate 49), born January 17th 1881 in Utrecht.
  3. Johanna van Laar27, born April 11th 1888 in Amersfoort; died January 27th 1911 in Amersfoort; married Cornelis Gerardus de Vries26 July 29th 1908 in Amersfoort.
  4. Teuntje van Laar, born December 1st 1890 in Amersfoort (certificate 460); married Wouter Bakkenes August 10th 1915 in Amersfoort (certificate 110), born January 11th 1889 in Amersfoort (certificate 18).
  5. Reinira van Laar, born July 21st 1893 in Amersfoort (certificate 355); married Albertus te Beek January 3rd 1912 in Amersfoort (certificate 3), born November 26th 1890 in Amersfoort (certificate 452).
  6. Johannes Antonius van Laar, born March 22nd 1896 in Amersfoort (certificate 141).
  7. Alijda van Laar, born January 15th 1899 in Amersfoort (certificate 22).

56. Adrianus Hermans.
He married 57. Johanna Catharina van Dun.

57. Johanna Catharina van Dun.

Child of Adrianus Hermans and Johanna van Dun is:

  1. Catharina Johanna Hermans, born in Etten-Leur; married Henricus Hekker May 23rd 1913 in Etten-Leur (certificate 30), born in Etten-Leur.
  2. Marinus Hermans28, born June 24th 1891 in Princenhage; married Anna Maria Mol29 February 16th 1917 in Etten-Leur.

58. Cornelis Mol.
He married 59. Petronella de Rooij.

59. Petronella de Rooij.

Child of Cornelis Mol and Petronella de Rooij is:

  1. Anna Maria Mol29, born December 15th 1891 in Hoeven; married Marinus Hermans28 February 16th 1917 in Etten-Leur.


Generation 7